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NAIC inspired Stock Selection Guide in MS Excel template . . .

Updated 8-7-03 (it does contain macros and they will have to be enabled for full functionality, without the macros you will have to change values manually, either way it gives you the same results)

Computer Help

We are always on the hunt for better programs to help our clients (and us) do a better job and not be bogged down with extra software problems.

Currently these links below are our recommendations (most are even free), but the best part about these programs is that they do what they are described to do, and NOTHING ELSE:

AVG from, runs daily for full hard drive scan and all the time for E-mail (Outlook, Outlook Express, and others (not web based mail though))

Spybot Removal:
Spybot Search & Destroy v1.3 from and/or Adaware from (both are from Denmark) Both run on demand, for best results use at least once a week.

Popup Stoppers:
Pop-up Stopper from, runs all the time.

We recommend a HARDWARE SOLUTION for those with a LAN/WAN connection, they are very difficult if not impossible to get thru if they have a NAT (network address translation), notably via, (a division of Cisco (the industry standard), they are VERY common and can even be purchased at Walmart. For those of you without a way to use a hardware solution, we would suggest something like Zone Alarm (they have a free download), or use a Microsoft based firewall (in Windows XP). Still we heavily suggest a hardware based router with a hardware firewall built in.

Some Spybot removers, popup stoppers, and yes even commercial, well known ANTI VIRUS software packages install other stuff in the background. These do not, or they would not be here.